Welcome to OMC

Oman Medical College (OMC) is a private co-educational college  dedicated to the training of medical doctors and Pharmacists. The College  offers a 7-year program of  study  leading to the M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)  and a four  and  half  years program of study leading to the B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) degree. The first 3 years of the  Medical Program are conducted in the Bowshar Campus and the remaining 4 years at the Sohar Campus
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Our Affiliations

The curriculum and school leadership are provided by West Virginia University, U.S.A., which give the students an opportunity to obtain a U.S.-style Medical or Pharmacy degree entirely within Oman. The language of instruction is English. The Education Programs offered by the College are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Sultanate of Oman