Admission & Eligibility
Admission to First Year

All applicants must possess a diploma of general education (12th standard) or its equivalent in the Science  
stream with courses in biology and chemistry. Minimum marks of C in biology and chemistry for students  
applying to the pharmacy program, with a pass of the General Education certificate (diploma) or 12th grade.  

Students who are seeking full scholarship support from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) should apply  
directly to the MOHE. The MOHE will rank the applicants and provide OMC with a list of 200 candidates for  

Private payers and those seeking only partial scholarship support should apply directly to the college.  
Applicants must fill out an application form and pay a non-refundable application fee. The selection of  
private payer applicants is based primarily on the combined secondary school leaving scores (or grades) in  
biology, chemistry, and English and the student’s motivation to become a pharmacist. All medical students  
will be interviewed to determine acceptance.

Preliminary processing of applications begins in early summer. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply  
as soon as their secondary school scores are known. Applications received after August 31 will be considered  
for admission on a space-available basis.

Admission is considered final only after students sign a letter of acceptance, pay the required first-semester  
tuition and fees, provide the original or certified copy of past academic transcripts (General Education  
Certificate or equivalent) of all schools attended, and four passport-sized photos.  
International Admissions
Students who have completed the equivalent of 12th grade in another country and passed the Secondary  
School Examination within an educational system approved by the Oman Ministry of Education are qualified  
for admission to the pre-medical and pharmacy programs with marks of B in chemistry and biology and to  
the pharmacy program with grades of C in biology and chemistry. International students must provide the  
· completed application form
· a bank draft for OMR 50 (non-refundable application fee)
· results of the TOEFL or IELTS (except for applicants to the first year from the GCC)
· attested original or attested copies of an official academic record in the original language of issue
· original or certified copies of all certificates or diplomas in the original language of issue
· official attested English translations of academic records, certificates or diplomas.
· Certificate of Qualifications Equivalence by the Ministry of Education.

Oman Medical College
General Foundation Program
I Bowshar Campus I


The above items should be sent to Office of Admissions and must be received by the application deadline. If  
possible, all application material should be submitted at one time.  Incomplete applications cannot be  
guaranteed consideration for the desired semester.
Placement Tests
Newly enrolled students take an in-house English placement test to determine their placement in the English  
classes of the General Foundation Program (GFP). Students who score 550 or above on the English placement  
test are exempted from Foundation English courses. Students who score 360-549 on the English placement  
test are placed in the regular General Foundation English stream and will complete the GFP in one year.  
Students who score less than 360 on the English placement test are placed in the Intensive English stream, a  
modified study plan that bridges the gap between ‘high beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ levels of English and  
that is designed to prepare students to complete the courses in the regular GFP. In general, one and a half  
years are required for a student to complete the Intensive English stream.

Students also take placement tests in Basic and Pure Mathematics, and Information Technology. Those who  
pass all the placement tests can be considered for admission to the first year of the BPharm and pre-medical  

Advanced Placement
Students with an excellent background in English may be eligible for direct admission to the first year of the  
B.Pharm Program or pre-medical program. Direct admission requires a high score on an internationally-
recognized English language examination (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS), evidence of post-secondary school  
coursework in science courses with marks of B or better, and the ability to pass all OMC’s placement tests.  

Students who have completed 1-2 years of college at another institute may apply to OMC to continue their  
education. In such cases, the student must submit their post-secondary transcript and syllabus to the  
Registration and Admissions Department for transfer of credit provided the student has received a grade of B  

or better.
interview by OMC.
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