Foundation Program

Aim The aim of the General Foundation Program is to prepare our students for the rigorous program in medicine  
and pharmacy. The General Foundation Program prepares students with the necessary skills in English,  
Mathematics, Information Technology, and Study Skills to handle the study programs offered at Oman Medical  

Placement tests All students who are admitted into the programs are given placement tests in English and Math.  
Students who score 550 on the English placement test are allowed to enter the desired program provided that  
the student passes the placement tests in Basic and Pure Mathematics as well as Information Technology.  
Students, who score above 450 on the English placement test, will be allowed to take the Advanced Placement  
IT test. Students are placed in English courses at the appropriate level depending on the results of the English  

Length of program The Foundation Program lasts for a period of one academic year consisting of two 16 week  
semesters and one 8 week semester. During the course of the program, students take zero credit courses in  
English, IT and Math by the end of which all the learning outcomes mandated by the OAC are fulfilled. Students  
who score more than 360 on the English placement test will complete the required subjects in the Foundation  
Program in one year; however, students who score less than 360 on the English placement test will be placed in  


Information Technology As today’s world runs on computers, it is important for students to have basic  
knowledge of IT. Information Technology course prepares students to use technology and become self-directed  
learners. The basic skills taught in IT will provide students with the ability to process and present information in

Oman Medical College
General Foundation Program
I Bowshar Campus I

placement test.
the Intensive English program.
’ content readiness for their majors. 
concepts and techniques essential for the construction, analysis and interpretation of functions and
a professional way.
English  The ability to read English with ease is critical for students entering the Health Sciences as the major  
texts used in their college training plus the scientific and medical literature are in English. Our students must also  
have facility in speaking and writing English as their future professional careers will involve communication skills,  
both spoken and written. In addition to basic English courses to provide a foundation in reading, listening,  
speaking and grammar, two ESP courses prepare students for programs offered by OMC. These courses focus on  
the specific language needs of health sciences programs and encourage students to develop their proficiency in  
reading scientific texts and to increase their scientific vocabulary. Additionally, GFP students also complete  
introductory zero-credit courses in Biology , Anatomy & Physiology  and  Chemistry. These courses augments
Mathematics The Foundation Program in ‘Mathematics’ has  been developed to ensure that students are  
equipped with the mathematical understanding and skills necessary to meet the cognitive and practical  
requirements of higher education. In particular students pursuing courses in Medicine and Health Sciences need  
to undergo this course in order to develop number and symbol sense, demonstrate the proper procedures of  
algebraic manipulations and acquire the skills necessary to construct and analyze various graphs of given data  
sets. Basic Mathematics is compulsory for all students and provides the students with the ability to apply  
knowledge of basic algebra and arithmetic to real life problems. Developing the student’s ability to perform  
mental mathematical manipulations is an important component of this course. To reinforce this ability, all  
assessments in this course will be performed without calculators. Pure mathematics presents core mathematical
their graphs. These skills are critical to health care professionals.
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