Student Affairs
Student Affairs Office organized  a program celebrating National Day .

Pharmacy Department
Dr. Jayasekhar.P was invited to present a paper in the 2nd International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Designing held in Las Vegas, USA from October 15-17, 2013. His paper was titled “Design, synthesis and screening of newer quinazoline-3(H)-4-one derivatives for anticonvulsant activity”. The presentation was well appreciated.
HR and External Relations Department
A campaign against smoking was organized by Oman Medical College on 6th Nov 2013, for around 120 male students from various schools in the Sultanate to warn them about the long- term dangers to their health. The program included presentation, movie on hazards of smoking, poster competition, short skit by OMC students and a survey .The campaign was very interesting and useful.
Oman Medical College Newsletter
NO.3 ,2014
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