1. How much you can borrow   and for how long?
2. How to borrow?
3. Conditions of loan
4. Return of borrowed items
5. Notices & Fine for overdue items
6. Materials not for loan

1. How much you can  borrow and for how long ?
Faculty, Staff and Students of Oman Medical College may borrow books and other specified resources from the Library.  
Maximum number of books that can be borrowed by any student is three and the loan period is limited to three weeks.

2. How to borrow ?
Take the items and your ID card  to the circulation desk  where we will process the loan.

3. Conditions of loan:
The following loan conditions apply to all borrowers.

Recalls: All borrowed items are subject to recall if required by another borrower or for the Reserve Collection.  Recalled  
items must be returned by the date specified in the recall notice.

Renewals: If no request or recall has been placed on the item by another borrower you may renew your loan. Renewals can  
be made in person or by telephone. Books can be renewed two times  if not overdue or requested by another borrower.  
Reserve items cannot be renewed.

4. Reserve collection loans
The Reserve collections are short-term loan collections of materials in heavy demand. They include books and articles from  
the course reading lists and prescribed texts. Some lecturers put their lecture notes, tutorial notes, solutions on Reserve.

Most Reserve items can be taken on overnight loan if borrowed within 2 hours prior to closing time.

It is very important to return Reserve items on time  as other students are directly disadvantaged by late return.  
Members who do not return the reserve books in time will not be allowed to borrow the reserve books again.

5. Return of borrowed items
You can return the items at the circulation counter.  Reserve items must be returned to the library before 9 a.m. as they are  
issued only for overnight.

6. Notices & Fine for overdue items
Items must be renewed or returned by the due date. The library imposes fines for overdue items.

It is the borrower's responsibility to note the due date and return the items on time. Responsibility for all material issued rests  
with the person named on the ID card unless the card's loss was reported to the library prior to the date the material was  

Please check your mail regularly for overdue return notices. Students will be charged an overdue fine of 100 bizas per  
working day per item for the first week and 200 bizas per working day per item beyond this period, in case of late return of  
books. If the books are not returned within 15 days from the due date, the borrowing privileges of the member are likely to  
be suspended till the dues are cleared  All overdue notices are sent to the borrowers official email address .   The borrower is  
responsible for noting the due date and returning the items on time.

7. Materials not for loan
We do not lend items that are in  reference collection. Journals are not normally lent.
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