Pharmacy Program
Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy at Oman Medical College, Bousher Campus. The    
department is offering a four year program leading to the Bachelor of Pharmacy. The college is  
in academic partnership with West Virginia   University, USA and has been approved by the  
Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher   Education of Oman . Our vision is to be recognized  
nationally and internationally for quality education in   pharmacy and research in pharmaceutical  
and health-related topics. Our graduates are prepared to play a key role in improving the health  
of Omanis and other people by providing patient care and improving therapeutic outcomes

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P. Jayasekhar Nair Ph.D., F.I.C
Professor and Head
Oman Medical College
I Bowshar Campus I
In the final year, after the completion of all required courses, the students spend 15 weeks of professional training which    
involves 7 weeks in a community pharmacy, 7 weeks in a hospital pharmacy and 1 week of industrial industry. Before    
beginning their clinical rotations the students are given a white coat and recite the Oath of a Pharmacist during a    
traditional White Coat Ceremony. In the academic year 2013-2014 a student-exchange program was initiated with West    
Virginia University. Thereafter, every year 4 final year OMC students spent 4 weeks training in pharmacy   practice in the  
WVU hospital. Similar number of  Pharmacy Doctorate students from WVU spent four weeks at OMC  training in the Royal  
Hospital and the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs of the Ministry of Health to learn   about pharmaceutical  
care system  in Oman.
The Pharmacy department successfully organized Oman Pharmaceutical Conferences in 2009, 2010 and 2013 and 2015.  
These conferences involve presentations by internationally known   pharmacists/scientists as well as local pharmacists and  
provide an opportunity for our faculty and students to interact with   pharmacists from many countries. To inculcate  
research aptitude among the students and share the findings in the studentsí research project, OMC organizes Research  
Day once in a year.  
All students in the Pharmacy program complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. Each    
project is summarized in the form of dissertation followed by an open defense presentation of the research findings for  
evaluation. Often the studies performed in the research projects have been presented at pharmaceutical conferences both  
in Oman and abroad. The research conducted by several students on a project has often resulted in the publication of  
these results in well-recognized scientific journals. Several faculty members are engaged in pilot research utilizing OMC  
Internal Research fund.
For introducing the awareness about the professional responsibility and competency of a pharmacist, the students are  
required to observe / shadow pharmacists in health centers and community in the first and second year of pharmacy.
After successfully completing the requisite course work, each pharmacy student has to undertake professional Practice  
Experience in hospital pharmacies, community pharmacies and industrial pharmacies. The active support from MOH  
hospitals, Armed Force hospital, SQU hospital, Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and National Pharmaceutical  
Industries in the training our students is thankfully acknowledged.
Excellent administrative support and encouragement from the management and deans has enabled the department to  
progress. Furthermore, the department has revised the B.Pharm curriculum in tune with the Oman Qualifications  
Framework and feedback from the stakeholder. The revised curriculum has more clinical courses and electives in clinical  
pharmacy and industrial  pharmacy. The curriculum has been approved by the MOHE and will be implemented from 2017-18  
batch of students.
I am happy to place on record that the Oman Medical College recently signed memorandum of cooperation with Royal  
Hospital, Khoula Hospital, Higher College of technology , Al Khuwair, Waljat College of Applied Sciences and National  
Pharmaceutical Industries, Rusayl to share the facilities and competencies in research, training and quality assurance.
Excellent administrative support and encouragement from the management and deans have enabled the department to  
meet our mission and vision.   I am very optimistic that with the help of dedicated faculty and staff, the department of  
pharmacy will develop further into a Center of Excellence in pharmacy education and research.
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