Eligibility: who is eligible to apply?

All Premed  & Pharmacy students who have good GPA; Clean discipline record, Exemplary conduct & leadership qualities.

The Process:

The Office Bearers:

The office of the Student Council comprises of:



Vice President




Asst. Treasurer






(academic, discipline, student welfare,

science, cultural & literary)


Asst. Coordinators



Responsibilities of the Student Council



Assistant President:


Vice President:





Assistant Treasurer


Coordinator - student  & hostel welfare 



Coordinator -academic & discipline affairs:

Ass.coordinator-academic & discipline affairs


Coordinator -cultural & literary affairs :

Assistant coordinator -cultural & literary affairs :




Coordinator-scientific affairs:

Assistant coordinator-scientific affairs:


Note: attendance for council meetings is compulsory for all the office bearers.

            Absence should be only with the prior permission of the president. In addition to the above mentioned duties the office bearers should carry out any other duty assigned by the advisor.

The advisor has the right to pull out and replace the office bearers in case of non compliance to college rules or if any one is found to be only a passive non contributing member.


Dr. Yaseen M. Al Lawatia

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs &

Student Council Advisor