Alumni members can support the alumni network as well as college’s mission by contributing in all or some of the following ways:

1. Engaging in and conducting social and cultural integration activities within OMC, that link OMC with alumni and existing students and staff and any person associated with OMC. For example, Medical specialty workshops, etc.
2. Conducting or associating with scientific programs in OMC or outside that benefit the alumni members and the college.
3. Strengthening relationship by engaging in communication linkages amongst alumni members and college through social media, emails and alumni corner in college website.
4. Facilitating mentorships and internships/electives for students, to assist in preparing them for their professional career.
5. Providing incentives such as rewards and prizes to the best students in academics, best student researchers and best alumni models with proven record of significant contribution to society and healthcare in Oman.
6. Providing for goods and services of the college, such as college publications, library books, electronic media, scientific or research equipment.
7. Playing the role of advocacy on behalf of the college in the community.
8. Enhancing the image of OMC and promote OMC as a premier regional institution of excellence in medical education and research.