First Aid Provided in the Clinic

Bowshar Campus

First Aid In charge: Maha Sohail.
Course Taken: Standard First Aid and CPR.
Training Centre: National Training Institute.
Clinic Location: The clinic is located on the ground floor.

The clinic provides on campus care for health problems such as headache, cold and flu, toothache, sore throat, minor cuts, minor burns, period cramps, fainting, eye irritation and nose bleed. The clinic has a bed and a recliner to accommodate two casualties at a time.

Services available for: All currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

Health Education: CPR and first aid education is available on request and is demonstrated during science day activities. Printed information on some health related topics from Ministry of Health is also available.
Class Absences Due to Illness: The clinic does not provide excuses for class absences.
First Aid Record Book: All health problems are recorded in a record book. Health records are kept strictly confidential.

Emergency: In case of an emergency, the student is taken to Muscat Private Hospital or their private physician or provided health centers. The college provides transport for any ill or injured patient. International students have to be taken to a private clinic and they have to bear the expenses.

Sohar Campus

OMC health clinic provides health services to its students, faculty and staff members. The sick students, faculty and staff members are seen by the licensed physicians working in Oman Medical College for minor cases and they give referral to students to Sohar hospital or extended health centers for major cases or sicknesses that need farther investigation and treatment.

In addition, there is a nurse available in the OMC health clinic in every working day (Sunday to Thursday) from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm. She does on on-call duties in girls’ hostel on every Sunday and Monday of the week as she escorts ill students to Sohar hospital for any emergencies. The nurse maintains and updates all medications in the clinic and checks their expiry dates as per the list. Also, she checks and maintains the medical equipments which are available in the clinic for their functionality, efficiency and safe use.

Moreover, the OMC clinic staff have requested all students who have chronic diseases to report their illness and made specific file for them to provide follow up, advice and support regarding their appointments in health centers and different hospitals.  The nurse provides health educations to college students, school students and house mothers. The nurse collects data for students’ immunization requirements. Furthermore, she arranges and accompanies the college students for taking immunizations from Sohar hospital.  


Room No 118

Zalikha Al Buloshi