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Welcome Note

Welcome to the Department of Foundation Studies at Oman Medical College. Now that you are on the springboard to jump into your chosen fields, let’s help you with your skills and knowledge. Medicine and Pharmacy are two majors that demand your best: sheer amount of commitment, an eye for detail and untiring focus. Though you may have learnt a lot of things at school, your program of study requires a high level of English language, numerical, ICT and study skills. Therefore, in order to prepare you for the rigors of your career path, the Department of Foundation Studies offers a General Foundation Program (GFP) that will ready you for the academic challenges ahead.


The Foundation at OMC is a one year program, which contains two 16-week semesters and one 8-week semester.  As specified by the Oman Academic Standards, the GFP prepares you in four learning areas: English, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Study Skills. During the course of the program, you are enrolled in zero credit courses in the four areas. In addition, you will be exposed to preparatory material in the life sciences, such as Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Chemistry to prepare you for the difficult transition from secondary to college level courses in these subjects.


I wish you all the best in Foundation and beyond.


Ahammed Basheer Thekkeyil

Head of the Department

Department of Foundation Studies

Oman Medical College

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