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General Foundation Program Overview

Vision Statement of GFP

All students completing the Foundation program will be prepared to meet the rigors of studying medicine and pharmacy.


Mission Statement of GFP

To provide OMC students with an academic foundation to prepare them to excel in health science education and community service as future doctors and pharmacists.


Values Statement of GFP – The GFP value statements support the OMC values.   The focal areas of values of the GFP are English, Mathematics, IT and Study Skills.


  • Education and Lifelong Learning: GFP upholds a commitment to life-long learning for students and staff.


  • Outstanding and innovative instruction: GFP strives to teach students using the best and most updated methods.


  • Rigorous curriculum: GFP strives to transform incoming Foundation students into serious and thoughtful learners through a rigorous curriculum.


  • Supportive learning community: GFP is committed to creating and maintaining an environment conducive to collaborative learning and academic development of the student body.


  • Academic Integrity and Excellence: GFP is dedicated to maintaining ethical values at the highest level in academia for students and staff.