International Students

OMC has a small population of international students from countries such as GCC, Asian continent and Middle East. OMC has  developed an office   to address the  issues of the international students for appropriate resolutions. The office of the international students is in contact with the respective embassies to facilitate the admission and registration process for such students. The students affairs officer has been responsible to organize meetings with international students. To date international students have been supported with assistance for visa, other government paper work, accommodation, and transportation to/from the airport. The review of their satisfaction is effected through the campus life survey and survey for international students at OMC.

OMC encourages the admission of private students, particularly expatriates. Most of them brought up in the country and are familiar with the culture, the values, and the way of life. They are drawn from different nationalities although they are broadly classified as expatriates. OMC organizes formal meetings with the international students which are attended by the Dean, Deputy Dean, HR Director and the facility management team. These sessions discuss their issues and try to find possible solutions. The Student Affairs Office at Sohar organizes special meetings annually with the international students address their problems whereas the Assistant to the Registrar at Baushar is responsible for International Student Affairs.