Medical Program

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program of Oman Medical College consists of six years of coursework.

There are two years of premedical studies, two years of basic biomedical science, and two years of clinical training.

At the present time, both the premedical studies and preclinical are conducted at the College’s campus in Sohar.

The premedical academic year is divided into three distinct well defined semesters.

The biomedical science courses follow a fully integrated design, based on the curriculum of the School of Medicine at West Virginia University, our academic partner.

Clinical training is completed in hospitals and clinics of the Oman Ministry of Health, located in Sohar and Rustaq.

Following graduation from the MD Program, graduates are required to successfully complete a one-year clinical internship in a recognized teaching hospital prior to medical licensure or undertaking postgraduate medical specialty training.

In Oman, post-graduate clinical internships are completed under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, while post-graduate medical specialty training is completed under the auspices of the Oman Medical Specialty Board.

MD graduates of OMC are currently practicing medicine or are engaged in postgraduate medical specialty training throughout the GCC, or in countries of Africa, Asia, Europe or North America.