Orientation Week Placement Tests

1. Why should I take placement tests?
The tests will place you in suitable classes, according to your level in Foundation or Direct Entry into Medicine/ Pharmacy Degree Programs

2. What placement tests do I have to take?
IT (depending on your English placement score).

3. When will the placement tests take place?
The tests are conducted during the Orientation week.

4. What is the English placement test like?
Listening- 40
minutesReading- 55
minutesTotal time- 2 hrs.

5. What happens after I take the English placement test?
You will be placed at the appropriate level, based on your test score. If your score is:

1. ³ 550, you can apply for Advanced Placement for direct entry into Medicine/ Pharmacy Degree Programs.
2. 361-549, you will be placed in the Regular program- (1 Year Duration)
3. £ 360, you will be placed in the Intensive English program. – You may have to spend more than a year (1- 2 Years).

6. What about the Math placement test?
You will be tested on basic Math.
Duration- 2hrs
If your score is
1. 70% you can progress into Pure Math course
2. < 70% you will have to take Basic Math course.

7. What about the IT placement test?You will be tested on basic Math.
If you have a score of ³ 450 on the English placement, you can take the IT (Level 1) placement test.
If your score is ³ 70%, you are not required to do IT (Level 1).

8. From where can I get copies of sample tests?
Samples of the placement tests are available with the Registration department.