Policies and Regulations

Summary of the Grading System and Academic Advancement

The grading standard at OMC is a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F), plus a narrative evaluation from the department or unit.Academic advancement (promotion) is not automatic. Promotion to the next term requires evidence of satisfactory   performance-based achievement.A standing committee called the Academic and Professional Standards Committee meets every semester to review each   student’s academic file and to make a recommendation to the dean. The goal of the committee is to ensure that each student   meets (or is working toward meeting) all of the requirements of the program, not just the requirements for passing specific   courses. Early and frequent complete review of each student’s record permits the committee to spot deficiencies early and to   recommend courses of action that will remediate any deficiencies.

It is not the intent of the committee to find reasons to dismiss students from the program. Rather, it is the intent of the   committee to identify deficiencies or weaknesses early, so that action can be taken that will afford students the opportunity to   stay in the program and ultimately become competent physicians.

Recommended options for students who are not in good academic standing (who have unsatisfactory grades in two or more   courses in one academic year) may be:

1. Promotion, with the understanding that any further unsatisfactory grades may jeopardize their continuation in the   program.

2. Probationary promotion, with specific conditions and a time limit spelled out for removal of the probation.

3. Dismissal from the program, with specific requirements spelled out for return to the program, if necessary.

4. Dismissal from the program.

* Based on the committee’s recommendation, the Dean makes the final decision.