Student Council

Bowshar Campus

Oman Medical College believes in all round personality development, hence we provide our students with opportunities to grow, develop and groom in a multifaceted environment. The Student Council of Oman Medical College is formed to help the college in carrying out various scientific and extracurricular activities, to provide a forum for student expression and to instill leadership qualities among students thus making them a whole person.


Eligibility: who is eligible to apply?

All Premed  & Pharmacy students who have good GPA; Clean discipline record, Exemplary conduct & leadership qualities.

The Process:

  • Filing of nomination forms within the deadline announced

  • Deserving nominees shall be shortlisted & their names will be announced

  • Nominees are permitted to do healthy campaigning using posters and banners  within the campus

  • Election through secret ballot

  • Assigning portfolios

  • Investiture ceremony

The Office Bearers:

The office of the Student Council comprises of:



Vice President




Asst. Treasurer






(academic, discipline, student welfare,

science, cultural & literary)


Asst. Coordinators



Responsibilities of the Student Council


  • Delegate jobs

  • Organize year outline (events,  fundraisers)

  • Communicate with Advisor

  • Communicate with Representatives

  • Communicate with Student Body

  • Communicate with Administrators

  • Propose ideas for student and college improvements


Assistant President:

  • Assist the President in all Council activities

  • Ensure that other office bearers carry out their responsibilities and motivate them.

  • Appoint council volunteers

  • Must come to consensus regarding group decisions.

  • Must keep the president  informed about the significant developments

  • Responsible for coming up with new and creative ideas for events such as “Scientific programs”


Vice President:

  • Assist President

  • Delegate to Representatives

  • Communicate in cooperation with President and or Asst. President

  • Organize Activities

  • Responsible for coming up with new and creative ideas for events such as “Scientific programs”



  • Keep the minutes

  • Take diligent notes

  • Send reminders for meetings

  • Take attendance for meetings



  • Meeting Sponsors & Negotiating terms & Conditions

  • Make sure money is organized

  • Keep track of cash box  and accounts

  • Prepare bills before events (see Advisor)

  • Keep track of budget from different committees

  • Deposit money to college account

Assistant Treasurer

  • Look for sponsors for events

  • Write mails, letters and follow up sponsors

  • Arrange meetings of sponsors with treasurer and Advisor

  • Submit bills to the treasurer


Coordinator - student  & hostel welfare 


  • Inform students through posters and notices about college events

  • Monitor study groups

  • Maintaining discipline during outings

  • Keep the house mother informed about students’ problems

  • Organizing entertainment programs with the help of house mother

  • Encouraging students to keep premises clean


Coordinator -academic & discipline affairs:

  • Represent the students on the curriculum committee

  • Form and monitor study groups  for peer support

  • Monitor safe use of college property, lecture halls, parking area etc.

  • Appoint volunteers to help during college programs

  • Ensure discipline in college programs such as guest lectures, graduation ceremony, and white coat ceremony etc.

  • facilitate student faculty interaction

Ass.coordinator-academic & discipline affairs

  • Assist the coordinator in carrying out the activities


Coordinator -cultural & literary affairs :

  • identify students who are talented in art, music, dramatics, photography and literary events

  • Organize events such as National Day, Omani Women’s Day.

  • motivate such students to participate in college events

Assistant coordinator -cultural & literary affairs :

  • Assist the coordinator in designing posters, printing them and making announcements through posters and brochures to students about special events and competitions.




Coordinator-scientific affairs:

  • Organize scientific exhibitions

  • Assist the organizing committee in conferences, white coat ceremony & graduation ceremony

  • Organize community programs in creating health awareness

Assistant coordinator-scientific affairs:

  • Assist the coordinator in designing posters, printing them and making announcements through posters and brochures to students about  Scientific events & community programs.

  • Assist in making prior preparations and set up the event                         


Note: attendance for council meetings is compulsory for all the office bearers.

            Absence should be only with the prior permission of the president. In addition to the above mentioned duties the office bearers should carry out any other duty assigned by the advisor.

The advisor has the right to pull out and replace the office bearers in case of non compliance to college rules or if any one is found to be only a passive non contributing member.


Dr. Yaseen M. Al Lawatia

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs &

Student Council Advisor                              



Oman medical college-medical students group (OMC-MSG)
It consists of

The Executive Board

Team of Officials

The Supervisory Council


EBs – The Executive Board

The group shall be managed by the Executive Board.
Executive Board of the group is composed:
     •The President
     •The VPI
     •The VPE
     •The General Secretary
     •The Treasurer
The Executive Board is entitled to officially represent the group.Team of Officials

​Team of Officials

The team of officials is composed of the following:
      •The Executive Board members.
      •The local officers.
      •The heads of the supporting divisions.
      •The heads of the local committees
All Officials have both speaking and proposing rights during the Team of Officials meeting.
Please note that all team of officials must have official e-mails.The Supervisory Council

​The Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council shall consist of five members and not less than three members.

The members of the Supervisory Council are not allowed to currently hold an elected or appointed position within the MSG.

The Supervisory Council shall be responsible for Overseeing the actions and decisions made by the team of officials. It shall be an active resource body to assist and advise the Officials in case necessary.